Kim Sunggyu

Debuted on 2012-11-19. INFINITE's Leader Kim Sunggyu debut as a solo with the mini album 'Another Me'. Nell's Kim Jongwan gave his composed "Shine" to Sungkyu as a gift for his pre-release, which was released on November 7. Sung-kyu also composed the title track "60 Seconds" with Sweetune and personally participated in writing the lyrics for track "41 Days". He released his second album, '27', in June 2016. His songs usually have soft-rock genres, most notably on the second album as Nell's Kim Jongwan composed most of the songs. Discography


Debuted on 2013-01-11. INFINITE H is a hip-hop subunit consists of the two rappers of INFINITE, Hoya and Dongwoo. It's the first official sub-unit (non-solo) of INFINITE. Prior to their debut as a subgroup, the duo had performed new songs such as "Crying" and "You Look Good" during Infinite's concerts. Both of the members has participated in writing and composing the songs in their debut and second albums, 'Fly High' and 'Fly Again'. Discography


Debuted on 2014-03-10. ToHeart is a project group consisting of INFINITE's Woohyun and SHINEE's Key. The two have been known as best friends before they finally collaborate in the subunit. Toheart debuted with the mini album Delicious. Discography


Debuted on 2014-11-19. The sub-group consists of Infinite vocalists: Sungyeol, L and Sungjong.Infinite F was officially announced at the One Great Step Returns encore concert, held February 28 and March 1. They also performed the song "Heartthrob" for the first time. The song was eventually revealed to be the main OST for the KBS drama Hi! School: Love On, starring group member Sungyeol and Infinite fellow member Woohyun. The sub-group made their simultaneous Japanese and Korean debuts with the single albums Koi no Sign and Azure. Discography

Nam Woohyun

Debuted on 2016-05-09. Woohyun made his official debut as a solo artist with his first mini album and title track 끄덕끄덕 (Still I Remember). He participated in the album as the Song Writer for several tracks, Stand By Me, Gravity, Nostalgia, and the hidden song Everyday. His main genre is ballad. Discography