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[News] 170629 Woollim responds to news of renewals: all members are still discussing

Posted on 2017-06-28 16:58:21 GMT
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Although multiple sources reported earlier on the 28th that 6 out of 7 INFINITE members had re-signed contracts with Woollim Entertainment, the company released an official statement today saying:

We are still in discussions with the INFINITE members

Despite what other news outlets had said before, it seems that all 7 members are still negotiating contracts with INFINITE.

We will be sure to update you as soon as we know more.

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[News] 170628 Six Members of INFINITE confirmed to have re-signed with Woollim

Posted on 2017-06-28 07:02:01 GMT
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According to a spokesperson for Woollim Entertainment, as of the 28th June six members of INFINITE have renewed their contracts with the company. One member is yet to re-sign but the company has clarified that talks are heading in a positive direction.

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[NEWS] 170329 INFINITE’s Sunggyu To Halt Activities Due To Injury + Injury Will Affect INFINITE’s Comeback

Posted on 2017-03-29 11:23:10 GMT
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Earlier, it was reported that INFINITE’s Sunggyu sustained a rib injury and that he would, therefore, have to halt activities to recover. Reportedly, the singer got injured while playing a game during filming for Channel A’s “Singderella.”

INFINITE’s group comeback was originally scheduled for May and the group was supposed to film the MV for their new track on March 30. A source stated, “Due to his rib injury, we believe it will be difficult for Sunggyu to carry out the choreography for the MV with the rest of his members on that day. Therefore, we may have to change the shoot schedule in order to accommodate the change in circumstance.”

Since then, INFINITE’s management agency, Woollim Entertainment, has since released an official statement saying, “Sunggyu was injured recently on set and sustained a fracture to his ribs. Although it’s not a minor injury, Sunggyu has been resting and has told us that he feels alright. We have halted activities for Sunggyu so that he can get all the rest he needs.”

Regarding INFINITE’s comeback, the company stated, “We don’t see [Sunggyu’s injury] as a huge obstacle as of yet; however, we realize we will need to be flexible. We are carefully discussing the matter and so the group’s official comeback is pending at this point.”

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[News] 161026 INFINITE’s Dongwoo Unable To Perform In Musical Due To Health

Posted on 2016-10-26 11:32:42 GMT
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INFINITE’s Dongwoo will not be able to participate in the musical “In the Heights” due to poor health conditions.

A source from Woollim Entertainment said on October 26, “With the changing season, Dongwoo had been showing signs of a cold, and he will not be able to perform. We will be keeping an eye on Dongwoo’s condition to see if he will be able to carry out his other activities.”

Dongwoo plays the character Usnavi in the Japanese musical, which is running through the end of October.

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[News] INFINITE Discusses Where They’ll Be In 7 Years, New Hobbies, And Questions For Fans

Posted on 2016-10-18 05:27:06 GMT
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This past October 9, INFINITE held a fan signing at the COEX in Samsung-dong, Seoul for their recent comeback, their first in a year and two months.

When asked about where they see themselves in seven years, the members each said that they’ll probably still be together, working on music, traveling the country on a concert tour, reuniting after military service, etc.

The members then took turns to ask the fans questions. Dongwoo asked what kind of concept fans want to see them do next. Sungyeol joked, “Why do you ask us ‘Have you eaten?’ and say ‘You’re handsome’? We know we’re good-looking, so you don’t have to!” Sungjong wanted to know if there are any mannerisms or habits that fans don’t like.

The members also talked about some newfound hobbies. Dongwoo has fallen in love with wheels, like motorcycles and cars, as well as golf, something he can do with his mother. Sungyeol said he’s currently into working out and mobile games, while Sungjong’s interests are in collecting accessories like earrings and rings.

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Translated by: Soompi
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Posted on 2016-10-11 08:31:55 GMT
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Hello, NAVER STARCAST readers!

INFINITE is working hard happily every day with the title track of 6th mini album ‘INFINITE ONLY’, ‘The Eye’ under ‘INSPIRIT’s love and cheering.

Today’s STARCAST is prepared for those who would wonder how INFINITE’s 6th mini album is produced who is back with the music and performance that can be presented by INFINITE ONLY after 1 year and 2 months.

‘INFINITE ONLY’ album making story #1 which never disclosed before.
Revealing INFINITE’s 6th mini album recording studio that consists of passionate time spent for preparation for the first time to the STARCAST readers!

WATCH! ▶ INFINITE ONLY album making story # 1

How was INFINITE’s “INFINITE ONLY” album recording story? I wonder which song is your favorite song among INFINITE’s new album which filled with the songs INFINITE members produced by putting a lot of efforts each.

Here’s photos taken at the recording studio in addition.

This is INFINITE’s recording studio who is preparing the comeback after 1 year and 2 months.

We can feel the tension before typhoon rages on.

Please love ‘INFINITE ONLY’ which is the perfect result produced by serious meetings with the staff and the members took best of their own part with deep consideration for each lyric.

Wait a moment here! Here’s special gift for STARCAST readers who feel sad to let INFINITE go like this.

So moody.

Looks like a handsome boy.

There are two handsome men.

This photo relieves our eyes.

This is not the end of it.

The next story to make INSPIRIT wild. Covering all sites of 6th mini album ‘INFINITE ONLY’ jacket photo shooting, MV shooting and choreography practice for title track ‘The Eye’!

Please look forward to seeing the 2nd story to be released on Friday, October 14.

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[News] 160927 INFINITE pitch team names at ‘Before School Club’

Posted on 2016-09-27 11:46:51 GMT
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Boy band Infinite did a live V app broadcast before appearing as guests live on the “After School Club” show.

The members began the broadcast by revealing that they were doing the “Before School Club” broadcast, which usually takes place just before the live “After School Club” show.

Member Sungkyu revealed that they were being split into two teams, and they had to decide on a name for their respective teams.

After pitching a lot of ridiculous team names, such as “Sungkyu & his servants” and “Kimchi Stew,” they decided on “G-bang,” which means fat in Korean, and “Korea.”

After deciding their names, they ended the broadcast and urged fans to watch the live “After School Show.”

Credits: KpopHerald
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[News] 160926 INFINITE Tops Weekly Charts With “INFINITE ONLY”

Posted on 2016-09-26 19:31:19 GMT
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INFINITE’s new mini album “INFINITE ONLY” is still going strong on the charts!

On the Synnara and Hanteo weekly charts (September 19-25), the group took first place with “INFINITE ONLY” and second place with the limited edition version of their album.

INFINITE previously took over all major domestic music charts immediately following the release of “INFINITE ONLY” and took first place on seven Asian iTunes album charts as well.

Meanwhile, INFINITE dropped their sixth mini album “INFINITE ONLY” on September 19 and is currently promoting title track “The Eye.”

Congratulations to INFINITE!

Credits: Naver
Translated by: Soompi
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[News] 160925 Im Siwan And INFINITE’s L Fight For Chae Soo Bin’s Heart In Web Drama

Posted on 2016-09-25 17:53:33 GMT
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A love triangle between Im Siwan, INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo), and Chae Soo Bin is expected to begin on the Chinese web drama “My Cat Man.”

On September 23, “My Cat Man” revealed stills of the three actors in their respective roles.

In one photo, Im Siwan looks steadily at Chae Soo Bin and cradles her face with a serious expression. Meanwhile, L puts a hand firmly on Chae Soo Bin’s shoulder while she appears to be pleading or arguing with him.

“My Cat Man” wrapped up filming this past July and will be broadcasting on China’s Tencent near the end of the year.

Credits: Naver
Translated by: Soompi
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[News] 160921 INFINITE’s Woohyun Reveals The Movie He Was Filming Has Fallen Through

Posted on 2016-09-22 10:41:19 GMT
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On September 21’s episode of “Weekly Idol,” INFINITE member Woohyun shares the sad news that the film he had been working on fell through.

When talking about what the members have been up to, Woohyun says, “I put out a solo album recently, and filmed a movie for a bit…” He then hesitates and Kim Heechul asks him jokingly, “Was it scrapped?”

Woohyun laughs in surprise, and Sunggyu jumps in to break it to Kim Heechul with a laugh, “It really was scrapped.”

Kim Heechul is shocked, and he gives Woohyun a big hug as he apologizes. Defconn then asks Woohyun how he got through that rough time, and Woohyun says he was able to because he was working on his album at the time.

“It’s a relief that your album was such a hit,” says Kim Heechul sincerely.

It appears that the film he is referring to was an adaptation of the webtoon “Mongdang Branch School Olympics,” which was set to be Woohyun’s big screen debut.

Credits: XportsNews
Translated by: Soompi
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