Dongwoo (Jang Dongwoo), born on 22 Nov 1990, is the Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, and Vocalist of INFINITE. He was originally from Guri, South Korea. Prior to joining Woollim Entertainment, he was trained under JYP Entertainment for years. He debuted with Infinite on June 09th, 2010. He debuted in a subunit of INFINITE, INFINITE H, along with Hoya in 2012. He is known to be good at dancing, singing, and rapping, and has also participated as a lyricist and song writer in several songs.



Albums released by Dongwoo that is not an INFINITE album.

Fly High Fly Again


List of Songs Dongwoo participated in as a solo, OST, or collaboration.

Song Title Note
Crying ft. Baby Soul of Lovelyz
Other Versions:
  • Japanese Ver. (feat Becky)
  • Instrumental Ver.
그녀는바람둥이야 (She's A Flirt)
Victorious Way
Special Girl feat. Bumkey
니가 없을 때 (Without You) Feat. Zion.T
못해 (Can't Do It) feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo
Fly High Feat. Baby Soul of Lovelyz
Alone Other Versions:
  • Live Ver.
Fly Again Feat. DJ IT
예뻐 (Pretty)
어디안가 (Aren't You Going Somewhere? ) Feat. Yang Da Il
부딪쳐 (Bump) feat. Sujeong of Lovelyz
바빠서 (Sorry I'm Busy) feat. Swings, Champagne of Champagne & Candle
지킬 앤 하이드 (Jekyll & Hyde) Feat. Taewan
니가 미치지 않고서야 (As Long as You're Not Crazy) Feat. Sanchez of Phantom
Hurts Down to Bones Song by Ami
7-2 Misunderstanding Song by Nicole
마음에 묻다 (Can't Let Go) feat. Yoon Soyoon


List of Songs Dongwoo participated composing.

Song Title Note
as co-lyricist
Last Romeo as co-lyricist
Alone as co-lyricist
예뻐 (Pretty) as co-lyricist
어디안가 (Aren't You Going Somewhere? ) as co-lyricist
부딪쳐 (Bump)
바빠서 (Sorry I'm Busy) as co-lyricist
발걸음 (Footsteps) as co-lyricist
마주보며 서 있어 (Between Me and You) as co-lyricist
엔딩을 부탁해 (Take Care of The Ending) as co-lyricist
One Day
True Love Rap Making
Zero Rap Making
마음에 묻다 (Can't Let Go)

Acting Works

In The Heights
as UsNavi

Variety Shows Appearance

Personal/subunit variety shows appearances.

Immortal Songs II
High Society
Running Man
Mamma Mia
All Broadcasting In The World