While You Were Sleeping

Sungyeol as Yoon Sojoon (Supporting Role)
TV Drama | 16 May 2011

Oh Shin-young (Lee Young-eun) is a hospital cafeteria nutritionist with a bright personality, who is happily married to Yoon Min-joon (Choi Won-young), who works in the sales department of a food company. But while giving birth, Shin-young falls into a vegetative state induced by the hospital's chief obstetrician Go Hyun-sung (Oh Yoon-ah). Hyun-sung is Min-joon's ex-girlfriend who is still in love with him, despite being married to Chae Hyuk-jin (Lee Chang-hoon), the director of a food company and Min-joon's boss. When Hyuk-jin learns of his wife's betrayal, he plans his revenge.